Form: Liquid

Use: Vitamins

 Each 1000 ml contains:

 Artichoke extract  20,000 mg

Nicotine acid 150 mg

Choline chloride 300000 mg

Carnitine   5000 mg

Lysine L   2.000 mg

Betaine    6.000 mg

Acetyl methionine 10000 mg

Calcium Pantothenate 1.000 mg

Vitamin B6 500 mg

Potassium Sorbet 2000 mg

Vitamin B12 1.5 mg

Sorbitol 100,000 mg

Excipients up to 1000 ml

It is used in Poultry, cows, sheep and horses - activating liver function - treating cases of hepatic fatness - removing the effects of chemical and fungal toxins - activating the secretion of bile - activating and protecting kidney function - increasing the rate of growth and metabolism - stimulating the speed of the immune response to resist viral bacterial infections.

Packing: 1000 ml

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